Anat Perez

Anat Perez

Anat Perez, designer and owner of Anat Collection, currently works in Tel Aviv.  As a young girl she was introduced to the world of fashion by her family of tailors, and has since continued to develop and refine her artistic vision and eye for fashion. 

Art has always been Anat's focus as well as an integral part of her identity. In high school, she specialised in drawing and graphic design. She later graduated from art school and has continued to pursue her passion for aesthetics ever since, creating her own brand of stylish and unique fashion jewellery, Anat Collection.

Anat finds jewellery to be inspirational as well as a means of expression. After 30 years of experience in this field, her distinct designs continue to be inspired by her emotions and innovative imagination. Great thought is given to each top-quality, hand-crafted piece, and each is a representation of the heart and soul that went into its creation.

“When I design jewellery, it is important for me to see that it is worn with a big smile, a special feeling, and a good mood that is shared with people around." - Anat Perez

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