Lucas Grogan

Lucas Grogan

The fifth of seven kids in a Catholic family from Maitland, NSW, he was forever in trouble for attention-seeking behaviour he describes as "Kelpie In a Backyard Syndrome". Drawing, writing stories and making maps of fictitious places broadened the narrow scope of farm, church and school. He stirred the pot relentlessly at his Catholic high school,  submitting graffiti-covered doors stolen from public toilets for his Year 12 art exhibition (rather than the paintings he'd prepared). Hilariously, Poetry from the Public Toilet won first prize. Clearly Grogan's teachers appreciated the sly sense of humour that has permeated his bold, fastidiously patterned, highly graphic, pun-filled work ever since.

Grogan left home early and studied art at Newcastle University between 2003 and 2008. By his own admission, he "failed spectacularly", but learned on the job about life as a practising artist via volunteer and paid jobs (from gallery attendant to exhibition installer and floor manager) at artist-run and commercial galleries in Newcastle and Sydney. His break came in 2008 at the age of 24, soon after he began exhibiting his two-colour paintings and embroidered textiles. Lucas Grogan works in two colours; blue and white.

Grogan moved to Melbourne in 2009, found yet another gallery-owner champion in Gallerysmith's Marita Smith, began exhibiting widely in Australia and overseas, and followed his nose for fun into a series of commissions and collaborations involving everything from scarves to wall murals for the likes of MoVida and tableware for Douglas & Hope.

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