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Sarah Gibson + Nicholas Karlovasitis both studied furniture as part of the Industrial Design course at UTS and that's where their obsession with design began. They had some great lecturers at uni who encouraged their endless discussions around design. The idea to start their own business occurred in the final weeks of finishing their degree, after five sleepless nights completing their final project. After toying with the idea for about six months Sarah + Nick finally registered 'design by them' in late 2007.

They were of the mindset that there was nothing really to lose. Sarah + Nick both had worked in the commercial furniture industry as well so they weren't going in completely inexperienced - but inexperienced enough to make sure they went through with it.

Sarah + Nick believe it is their combination of qualities that leads to their successful working relationship: Sarah is impatient and Nick is obsessively thorough - meaning they get things done fast but thoroughly.

Sarah is critical and Nick is optimistic - meaning they have lots of ideas but only the good ones get through.

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