Tina Clark

Tina Clark

“There are times when you feel so passionately about something, you want to share it with the world.” - Tina Clark

That’s how Tina Clark came to create Sagitine.

After almost two decades of cosmopolitan living in some of the world’s greatest shopping hubs, Tina Clark embarked on a tireless search for a storage solution as stylish as her collection of treasured silks, cashmere and heels. Her search was in vain. Following the arrival of her two gorgeous daughters, Tina discovered the pressing need to care for her fabulous fashion collection. Now, there was an added incentive to conserve the quality of her belongings, as a fashion inheritance for her sweet girls.

Tina decided to design her own storage range. The result is a premium collection of wardrobe storage that captures the elegance of good design and the impression of beautiful furniture, while being practical and functional.

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