Price Promise

Our Price Promise

If you can land any of our original design products here in Australia for a better price, we will match it.*

That is how confident we are about being internationally competitive.
We aim to keep our core range in stock, however, from time to time popular items do sell out, but rest assured more are on their way! Naturally things might take a bit longer to get here on a ship, but we think you (and the planet) will agree that it is worth the wait. (We only ever use individual air freight shipping in emergencies as it is considered 100 times more destructive to the environment and not cost effective.)

* We will match the price in Australian dollars once the product is delivered to you in Australia including any taxes and duties.

We will not match the pricing of any items which are:

  1. Discounted due to being display items
  2. On sale (including store-wide sales)
  3. Damaged
  4. Not from the original brand/ manufacturer
  5. Lighting that does not have Australian compliance

So if you love design, consider buying local, supporting the young Australian designers we employ, supporting their studies, supporting the local economy.

Original design, fair prices and a kind thought for the environment.
That’s what gets us out of bed in the morning.

Every purchase you make today is a vote for the kind of tomorrow you want.
So we invite you to vote with your feet, about what kind of tomorrow you want for retail in Australia.
Rest assured that our team leaves no stone unturned to deliver original brands right to your door, at the world’s sharpest prices,… and with a smile.

Thank you for considering top3 by design.