Now is the best time to buy that special piece of furniture you always wanted. We are giving you a $50 gift card for every piece of furniture you buy or order during the month of February 2020.

For example; if you purchase 6 dining chairs, you will receive 6 x $50 gift cards that can be used on any future purchase... and there are no expiry dates on top3 gift cards.

Offer for Top3 members only. Membership is free, you can sign up as you shop!



Please note: If you return the furniture item you purchased for a refund in the future, and have spent your $50 gift card, you will receive a refund of the product value less $50.

Orders must be fully paid during the month of February to receive the $50 gift card. If you place an online order your gift card will be shipped with your order.

Giftcard to be used next time you shop. Cannot be used the same day, this is not a discount on your purchase (our system needs to be updated overnight)

Not in conjunction with price matching or any other offer. (Industry Purchases welcome and will still receive the $50 giftcard) Not applicable for any accessories, spare parts or components of a furniture item.