Australia by Design - series 3 | Channel 10

Australia by Design - Innovations, Series 3 | Channel 10

Australia by design is back for series 3.  I am thrilled to once again be a host and judge for the series. 

Presented by Jamie Durie, join me and fellow hosts as we meet some passionate designers and makers and have a chat to them about their innovation.

Check out 64 incredible innovations across 7 episodes. From each episode 1 or 2 of the judge's favourite innovations will go through to the top10 - and ultimately we will find Australia’s top innovation for the year.


where can you watch it?

On air: Sundays 2.30 | Channel 10

catch up anytime on  ten
or jump online and catch all the episodes on


Links below to the YOUTUBE videos of each episode 
Links will be uploaded each week as they become available.

Australia by design On Air Dates 2019
My stories in Green... It would seem I make some pretty funny faces when I am passionate about a topic!! :)


Fliteboard  | Presenter: Brandon Gien

SmartMOVE Spine | Presenter: Paul Wylde 

Sinus Surgical Training Device  |  Presenter: Jamie Durie

Play9 Studios - Playground  |  Presenter: Paul Wylde

Loop Animated Branding  |  Presenter: Terri Winter

Vegepod | Presenter: Ale Anastasiou

Maxi Cosi's Vita Pro Car Seat | Presenter: Terri Winter

Keyhound | Presenter: Brandon Gien

Pluss Communities | Presenter: Ale Anastasiou


Sep-15   |

Virtual Jeff | Presenter: Brandon Gien

5500G Solar Pack | Presenter: Jamie Durie

Meet PAT | Presenter: Terri Winter

Cadence Suction Irrigator | Presenter: Ale Anastasiou

Delter Coffee Press | Presenter: Brandon Gien

Norris AP500 High Performance Dishwasher  | Presenter: Paul Wylde

Kitsi  | Presenter: Brandon Gien

Assemble Model  | Presenter: Ale Anastasiou

Crab Crib | Presenter: Terri Winter



Wireless Go (RODE) Paul Wylde

Bayer Medrad Centargo CT Injector  | Presenter: Jamie Durie

Plungie  | Presenter: Brandon Gien

Retub  | Presenter: Terri Winter

Gecko Traxx  | Presenter: Ale Anastasiou

Ult1Mate Next Gen Towbar  | Presenter: Jamie Durie

Head To Health  | Presenter: Brandon Gien

Rotating Power Adaptor  | Presenter: Terri Winter

Track 4  | Presenter: Brandon Gien



FebriDx  | Presenter: Ale Anastasiou

Food Prep Station  | Presenter: Brandon Gien

SmartBar Vehical Protection System  | Presenter: Jamie Durie

Maxi Cosi's Lila Stroller  | Presenter: Terri Winter

InSpire  | Presenter: Robert Tiller

BottleGo!  | Presenter: Brandon Gien

Rockstarter  | Presenter: Ale Anastasiou

CHAMELEON  | Presenter: Terri Winter

Youchamp App  | Presenter: Paul Wylde



Verton R-Series  | Presenter: Brandon Gien

TROPHON  | Presenter: Ale Anastasiou

Strucket  | Presenter: Brandon Gien

Sway  | Presenter: Terri Winter

SAV'D Floodbag  | Presenter: Brandon Gien 

Birde  | Presenter: Terri Winter

Family by Family  | Presenter: Jamie Durie 

Vortex IKON  | Presenter: Ale Anastasiou

Life Checks  | Presenter: Paul Wylde 



Kenworth HT410  | Presenter: Ale Anastasiou

Bubba Cuva (Baby Mat)  | Presenter: Terri Winter

Tonal Digital Strength Training System  | Presenter: Ti Chang

ThinkPlace  | Presenter: Paul Wylde

Rockboard (Mining LED ID sign)  | Presenter: Robert Tiller

Linear Locksets Ergonic Door Handles  | Presenter: Jamie Durie

Integrity Life  | Presenter: Brandon Gien

Twin Ball Trainer (Gym Balance Ball)  | Presenter: Terri Winter

International Towers  | Presenter: Brandon Gien

Streamwise  | Presenter: Robert Tiller


Nov-03 .

Aquarious Shark Barrier  | Presenter: Brandon Gien

Dermapen 4  | Presenter:  Paul Wylde

Splat   | Presenter: Ale Anastasiou

Centor S4 Screen and Blind System  | Presenter: Brandon Gien

Telehealth App  | Presenter: Terri Winter

Virtual Reality CPR Training  | Presenter: Ale Anastasiou 

3RT's Designer Harwood  | Presenter: Jamie Durie

V Comb  | Presenter: Terri Winter

Shopping Trolley  | Presenter: Brandon Gien



BottleGo!  | Presenter: Brandon Gien

Virtual Jeff  | Presenter: Brandon Gien

Strucket  | Presenter: Brandon Gien

Wireless Go (RODE)  | Presenter: Paul Wylde

Sinus Sergical Training Device  | Presenter: Jamie Durie

Aquarious Shark Barrier  | Presenter: Brandon Gien

Verton R-Series  | Presenter: Brandon Gien

Tonal Digital Strength Training System  | Presenter: Ti Chang  

FebriDx  | Presenter: Ale Anastasiou

Fliteboard  | Presenter: Brandon Gien