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Everyone's home tells a story of who the inhabitants are, what they believe in and what they care about - from sustainability to avantgardism. A house is simply a stack of bricks, a home has an identity. The "TREND ATMOSPHERES" exhibition by Floor Knaapen + Dick Spierenburg explored some of these archetypes. This inspiration board explores some of these trends for 2020. 



The Innovator

This is someone who loves bright colours that feel modern, even futuristic. The innovator keeps an eye open for the latest techniques in lighting, glass modifications and the latest types of fluorescent wall painting. A daredevil who's not afraid to live in a work of art. their home is their inspiration for life.


The Organiser

Expressing awareness about the state of our planet is something that comes naturally to the Organiser. This person enjoys greenery and craftsmanship. Products are chosen with love and attention and only after careful deliberation. In their home, where organic living is the sensible choice, sustainable solutions abound. Organisers know what they need and what they can do without, so they are hardly affected by the pressures of consumerism. Their inspiration comes from Eastern philosophy, where less is more and precision is the source of serenity.


The Earth Lover

The comfort enthusiast who embraces the positive vibes of the 70's and 80's. The Earth Lover is happy to welcome back terracotta. Warm tones in every nuance are mixed and matched. Being a family person they like to create comfortable areas in every corner of their home, using soft tones and pure materials like linen, velvet and even hessian. Handmade ceramics with soft and matte finishes are also favoured, since they represent a return to nature and people's origins. inspired by travel, the desert and mediterranean cultures, the Earth Lover would rather avoid cold Winters.


The Geometrist

Forever the architect of their own life, the Geometrist is someone who likes to be in control. While the world of commerce would like to see us consume as many products as we can handle in quick succession, the Geometrist steers clear of that mentality. At home they like to keep things organised, with an element of timelessness. Their living space is defined by dimensions, order, reflections and materials like glass and mirrors.


The Sculptor

A collector of modern materials and a minimalist in the organic sense. The sculptor appreciates materials like leather, marble and sandstone, honed to bring out their natural softness and colour. To create a modern look, geometric and rounded shapes in slick-looking materials like glass are added. Details in unbleached paper and cotton help to maintain a calm mood of purity and clarity while simple florals add a touch of elegance.