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Getting married? Or know someone who is?

Traditionally, wedding gifts were household items deemed necessary for a young couple to set up house. In reality, today, most couples already have an array of practical and beautiful things. Gifts, therefore, should not only be about stocking the basics of a house, but establishing a home that reflects your future lifestyle together. 

Whilst your closest friends may have an idea of what that lifestyle is, most relatives are at a loss. So, if you are a modern couple, where both of you are equally concerned about entertaining in style, then you will be doing your family, friends, and yourself a favour, by setting up a wedding registry with top3 by design. 

The biggest surprise is that a store with so many beautiful things, where everything is done for you, including complimentary gift wrapping, has such competitive pricing and free delivery anywhere within Australia.

Our gift to you
If you are a top3 member, upon completion and delivery of your gift list we will include a gift card with no expiry date to the value of 5% of the total spend by your guests from your gift list as our gift to you.

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