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Milan Design Week

The biggest thing in design news is of course Milan Design week.

We have some serious FOMO with Milan Design Week kicking off yesterday and some impressive work by 26 Australian Designers over there. We can drool from over here, thanks of your updates Tina, Adam and Emma Elizabeth!

Presented by Emma Elizabeth and LOCAL DESIGN, LOCAL MILAN No.3 features 26 Australian designers and is the largest independent showcase of Australian design in Milan to date. With a vision to advance awareness and understanding of Australian design amongst a global audience, the exhibition of the designers’ work is displayed in a setting of colour, scent and sound.

It’s hard to describe Australian design as it draws from so many cultures and influences,” says Emma Elizabeth. “The objective of LOCAL MILAN was to present a collective of Australian design that will heighten the global perspective of our Australian aesthetic and style, encouraging and supporting local designers to continue raising the bar.”

I was immediately in love with the peacock-like audacity of Adam Goodrum’s cabinet, pretty spectacular -  Tom Fereday’s Sia chair is refined and elegant (and was also a submission in the recent Good Design Awards where I was a judge, but I can’t comment on how it went until we all hear on May 17th at the Opera House Gala Dinner)“  

Adam Cornish’s chair is also incredibly refined and looks weightless! As always Daniel + Emma we love your playful shapes and colours :) Ross Gardam’s Noon collection is perfect in texture and i Love the way the tables interact and play off each other…

And of course, from designers currently represented in the top3 stable is Tina Clark from Sagitine special edition SYDNEY shoe storage unit is absolutely INCREDIBLE. (and no…. sadly it is not available to purchase as a standard edition, we can all cross our fingers it might be one day but a little bird told me the cost alone of the paper in these incredible colours and you really don’t want to know)

When we first started top3 by design back in 2001 Korban Flaubert did our very first shopfit design, including our signature linear white shelves with perspex. Special mention to the entire collection by Jon Goulder for our friends at Spence + Lyda. Really so elegant, yet contemporary and just beautiful - congratulations everyone! 

An incredible show this year and you should be very Proud Emma Elizabeth - love your work.

Some thoughts from Terri Winter, Curator + Founder - top3 by design


Credits for high resolution images for this years LOCAL DESIGN No.3 exhibition are Photographer Emanuele Zamponi  | Stylist Emma Elizabeth   |  @local_design #localmilan

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