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SAY NO TO FAKES | Protection of Intellectual Property Rights

All top3 by design products are 100% authentic in design from the rightful manufacturer. 

To protect the livelihood of creators,  inventors, designers and architects, we believe that creativity should be fostered, not stolen.

Replica and fake product are stealing from the people whom we admire most, our designers.

In nearly all other countries in the world replica is illegal. As a consumer, you have a choice.  Please support designers and the right to their own work and consider your purchases.  

Say no to fake.


Unfortunately, the finding from the Public Inquiry into IP Protection in Australia ruled against improving protection of IP, stating the "Australian consumers have a right to cheaper product" I am saddened by this throwaway and short-sighted mentality. Consumers have every right to access to well-priced product. No arguemnt there. Consumers have every right to a cheaper black chair - but no right to a cheaper fake version of THAT black chair.


I thought as supporters of original design you might like to know about some recent events that will affect the rights of all designers in this country.

This past year there has been a public inquiry into the protection of IP Law in Australia. The proposed changes will further reduce the already pathetic rights of Designers to their own work in this country.

Public inquiry
The Australian Government has asked the Productivity Commission to undertake a 12 month public inquiry into Australia's intellectual property system. Read more here.

I have submitted my thoughts as a response to the Public Enquiry.
You can read my submission here 

I am thrilled to say that I will be going to Canberra as part of a small goup of passionate supporters of original design in this country.
On June 22nd I will present my concerns to a panel of Ministers as part of the Public Hearings in the hope we can protect the rights of Designers to their own IP in this great and innovative country of ours.

I also particularly love the submission my husband, Bernd Winter did too. As the owner of advertising agency DDI he is also passionate about the protection of Intellectual Property. Read Bernd's Submission

Interestingly - this debate has also caught International attention with this incredible submission from Germany - Fraunhofer Submission.  Australia is lagging behind the rest of the world in the protection of Intellectual Property Rights and we are a laughing stock to the rest of the world. The UK has made the production or sale of Replica illegal - with 50,000 pound fines and/or 10 years in jail. They realise the future impact of a Nation that cannot support innovation.

The Government is pushing our "Innovative Nation" - but how can we maintain innovation if is commonplace to steal someones ideas? I am ashamed of our IP laws in this country and fear the results if protection is not improved.  

If there is no original design then there is nothing for the theives to copy. The Fakes need to stop. What sort of Nation do we want to live in?

Here are just a few fakes I have been "collecting"  - these fakes are made by mainstream department stores and well known brands in this country and impact LIVING working designers. It is a disgrace.
original vs fakes pdf


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Terri Winter
- Against the theft of ideas