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Top3 by design transforms how you shop with Augmented Reality

Small Aussie Retailer takes on the world - by design
Not a toy or a gimmick, the top3AR app is a game changer.

Download the top3 AR App from the Apple store.
NEWSFLASH: The App is live - check it out
ipad 2017, Apple iPhone 6S or up

The Pokemon craze took the world by storm. A truly global phenomenon and a gateway to the incredible world of Augmented Reality. If you didn’t play Pokemon yourself there is no doubt you know someone who did.

Read a great little article by Jordan Yim about Augmented Reality here.

Recently there has been a lot of talk about the IKEA Augmented Reality App. A great start in exploring Augmented Reality for furnishing.

Alongside this -  and we believe superior - is the top3 by design Augmented Reality App. Built by the Melbourne based company INHAABIT, it takes AR to a whole new level.

For all those who sport an ipad 2017, Apple iPhone 6S or up, the November 2nd released top3 AR app will change the way you select furniture and homewares.

Search “top3 AR” to download the free app from the Apple store from November 2nd 2017 | Compatible with AR ready  iPhone 6s,7, 7s, 8, X.

Innovation / Project – THE STORY
Top3 Augmented Reality App by INHAABIT

top3 by design have always worked from our customer perspective. Actively searching for new ways to help customers make good choices.

Ever since top3 went online in 2002, images of products in different contexts were created to produce mood boards to show our customers how different products might go together. However, the challenge remained for customers to know how a particular product might work in their own home.

A constant search for ways to fully integrate the online experience with the instore shopping experience has taken top3 around the world, only to find the perfect solution on our doorstep.

Enter Melbourne-based startup INHAABIT  The top3 INHAABIT collaboration has produced a world class Augmented Reality App and thereby revolutionised the way we shop -  merging the online and instore experience for customers both in the showroom and in their own home or office.

Named top3 AR, the app allows customers to virtually ‘place’ a selected piece of top3 furniture in their own living room, home office, garden, etc with incredible scale accuracy. Viewed through the camera of your phone (6S and up), you can place your furniture in your room. You can walk up to it and look at the fabric, you can walk around, turn it, move it reposition it, change the colours and to see what suits. It is like the sofa, the chair or the bowl is really there.

This is super easy non-techy tech. No fuss, no technical knowledge needed, just an iPhone 6S or up and the free top3AR app. Products can then simply be added to the top3 by design shopping cart to make the purchase.

The introduction of “the online store” changed the way people shop. No longer did we have to go to malls to see a large variety of brands and choices in one place. The online store changed the retail landscape forever. 

The top3 AR app is the next step in customer experience and choice. Top3 AR allows people to be more brave and to try colours or styles in furniture they might not otherwise have considered. It gives people a real shopping experience that may not even be anywhere near a physical store.

top3 AR is not a gimmick. It is what the internet was to a physical retail store back in the early 2000’s.  Augmented Reality is the new way we will plan, design and create our surroundings.

This über cool original design furniture placement app is smooth, scarily real and easy to use. top3AR is the future of homewares browsing and shopping.

Aussie homegrown top3 by design has been punching above its weight since winning the global innovator Award in 2009. 

Says founder and curator Terri Winter: 

“We love being at the forefront of technology and enable a memorable experience. Click + collect, transparent inventory for each store available online, Live Chat, same day shipping and a rewards programs that are seamless whether you shop instore or online are all part of standard operation. Most of these we created with local specialists well before they were out in the market. So we are super excited about the colab with INHAABIT to take advantage of Apple’s new AR capabilities and to develop this world leading app.”

Top3 by design has long been passionate about strictly only supporting authentic and original design, creating unique and innovative retail store experience online, as well as at their Sydney, Melbourne and soon Canberra stores (Canberra store opens November 2nd 2017)

Says Terri Winter Curator and founder of top3 by design:

“We have been wanting to work with Augmented Reality for some time now, as we rejected quality and scalability that just were not up to our standards. Then recently, when we first saw our top3 AR demo, we kept looking over the phone to see if there was a real Muuto Outline sofa sitting there, it’s truly that awesome. We love technology that is invisible. We don’t like tech for tech sake. Technology should enhance our lives make them more interesting, provide more options and less waste.

I can hear you think less waste? What does that have to do with Augmented Reality?

Imagine making a sofa in a certain finish and colour, only to find that it’s not really what the customer had in mind for their new island holiday home… Freight alone could be hundreds or even thousands of dollars, and creating unnecessary emissions and congestion. With this app, customers can very realistically see exactly what they are going to get, explore the different colour options in their own home, then add to the top3 cart to make their purchase.”


From Jordan Yim – Director INHAABIT

"We've been excited about Augmented Reality for a long time, and the technology is finally available to make the experience real.  The AR industry is set to be huge, particularly since it's backed by apple with over a billion devices on the market."

"We've reached the point where you can try a product in your own home via AR and feel confident to make a purchase . INHAABIT are excited to be pioneering technology that's going to change the retail industry."

Both as a tool instore to discuss variations and fabrics, or to see exactly how your selection will feel in your own home, the top3 by design top3 AR really takes the guesswork out of your purchase decisions.  

The idea behind top3 is about buying less and buying better. Our new Augmented Reality App helps this further in a big way.

Explore the top3 AR app. 
The future of shopping is here. (from early November)

Search “top3 AR” to download the app from the Apple Store from early November, 2017


For more information or an interview please contact: 

top3 by design
Terri Winter - founder + curator 
02 9906 4433
0414 870 575

Jordan Yim –  Director
0431 958 867




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