Top3 staff are attending the CLIMATE MARCH

Our planet. Only one original.

It is time for all of us to do our bit to ensure our children and their children can enjoy its beauty and natural wonder.

At top3 we have a strong belief in buying less and buying better. If each and every one of us shops more deliberately, and buys product that will last, we will massively reduce our contribution to landfill. This is just one small thing we can all do to take steps towards healing our planet.

We need our governments and policymakers to support this position and do more to actively make a shift in behaviour.

Today there may be limited availability for an hour or so in each of the top3 stores and at the office today, Friday 20th September, as all staff are encouraged to attend their local march for Climate Change.

My son @zacsortaedits and his friends will also be showing their support. 🌏 👊🏼 - @terriwinteraus .

Apologies if this is an inconvenience to you today, but perhaps we all need to be a little inconvenienced to break our habits.

As well as selling products that last - check out our eco product ideas!

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