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APRA - Will the Real Designer please stand up?

Top3 by design asks: Will the REAL designer please stand up?
Tuesday, 24 May 2016

For more than 15 years, Terri Winter (pictured) has been developing a unique retail concept that exists online and as bricks and mortar homeware stores in Sydney and Melbourne.  The stores showcase the three best items in their respective class by merit of design from around the world. Top3 by design has won a Global Innovator Award and was a finalist in the World Retail Congress Awards.

Terri is the curator of a three-thousand-plus product line, and says selecting the top three (or more) tracks to play in-store is vital to any bespoke retail experience.

“We cater to a surprisingly large segment of the homemaker marketplace: those who are either driven by a quality design philosophy or those who want to be surrounded by cutting edge bespoke pieces in their nest, regardless of the brand,” said Terri.

“Like selecting a wine at a restaurant, most people select something in the mid-price range unless it’s a vineyard or region they recognise. But just like wine, it is not always the most expensive or well-known that is the best. I guess top3 by design is like a sommelier for design,” Terri said.

With music played in the business’s head office, in stores, as hold music and even in its warehouse, Terri understands the need to bring the brand to life through a soundscape. “We have a fluid arrangement with music in-store and we allow the staff to have input.  Staff have often studied design and architecture, so we entrust them to have the brand identity top of mind,” she said.

“I say to the staff, if it sounds like top3 – sophisticated, high quality, unique - then it gets air time, if not, leave the track on your own iPod.  On Sundays we bring a more relaxed vibe in-store, with a slower pace and more sultry tunes. Our warehouse has a radio playing because they need motivation too and we’re lucky to have our office close to the store so the music filters through,” said Terri.

(portrait image of Terri Winter by Amelia Stanwix )