About top3 by design

About top3 by design

A concept born in Australia and unique to the world, top3 is about editing options, not limiting choice - reducing the excess that falls outside the top3 parameters of quality, innovation and style.

The top3 story began with a woman, a walrus and a trapeze artist. 'We were in Germany', reminisces founder, Terri Winter, 'when we saw a cabaret show featuring only the best acts in their field'. 'I was blown away by this incredible concept and got to thinking, why couldn't this same experience translate to retail - where customers know they will find something wonderful?'

Top3 has since continued to evolve with a vision of sourcing only the best-designed products from around Australia and the world, serving them up in a tantalising instore and online experience.

With excellence at its core, top3's range features well over a thousand products, but never more than the 3 best items in their respective class by merit of design - everything from homewares and accessories to kitchen and dining.

Top3 believes in fostering design, not stealing it, so all top3 products are 100% authentic. top3 also wants you to feel safe and secure when shopping online. When it comes to privacy and security, no stone is left unturned. For detailed information on the top3 privacy and security terms and conditions, please click privacy and security.

With more than 16 years in supporting the sale of original design, top3 by design has over 50,000 members, 4 stores (1 in Sydney, 2 in Melbourne and 1 in Canberra), offers 24/7 stress-free online shopping to anywhere in the world and has been recognised by several design and retail industry awards, including GIA – Global Innovator Award, Chicago 2009 and World Retail Congress Award Finalist, London 2012.

I hope you enjoy the collection as much as we did putting it together.