Our Story

A bit about us

Hello there, great to see you on our page. You probably already know what we're about. Just in case you wonder what's up with top3: We love design.
But what we love even more is helping you find the design items you love and furniture / interior objects that will improve your every day.

We have made it our philosophy to curate design pieces defined by three key features - form & function, sustainability, and innovation. We hunt for these items worldwide and bring them to our showrooms in Sydney and Melbourne and of course our online store.

Top3 is all about authentic design. And that means: our staff are genuine design-nerds and you will only find original products in our showrooms.
We insist on being fair to our customers as well as being fair to our suppliers and their makers. The top3 'best price' policy helps you to get the maximum design for your $. We pride ourself in having the sharpest prices in the land. However if there is a competitor undercutting these rates and you prefer top3 then please do not hesitate to ask. Top3 happily PRICE MATCH any genuine quote you can share or prices that are visible online.

Our Design Principles

"We believe in fostering design, not stealing it, so all top3 products are 100% authentic."

Terri Winter

Founder and curator

Terri Winter is an entrepreneur, a designer, a judge on various design panels, and a host of the "Australia by design" TV show. But most importantly: she is the one that finds the unique and surprising design objects for our stores. Terri is our chief finder.
She has been bringing sustainable and innovative design from all over the world to Australia since she co-founded top3 in 2001. And to this day, she's still all hyped-up and can't wait to unpack the new products as soon as they arrive at our warehouse.
Terri focuses on design that positively impacts your happiness and the planet's wellbeing. Sustainability is an essential criteria for her curation process. Another one is originality. Terri believes in fostering design, not stealing it. And that's why all top3 products are 100% authentic.
By the way, if you have ever ordered anything online with us, you may have already had a chat with Terri. To stay in touch with customer needs, Terri at times is the one that answers chat requests through our online store. And that's because, at top3 we're not too keen on virtual colleagues. 

Terri Winter

Founder and Curator Top3 by Design,

As the co-founder, buyer and creative force behind top3 by design. Terri Winter is a wife, mother, designer and Australian entrepreneur who is fuelled by a passion to unearth the best designs on the planet and share them with a wider audience.

Entering its 19th Year, top3 is a concept born in Australia and unique to the world, top3 is about editing options, not limiting choice – reducing the excess that falls outside the top3 parameters of sustainability, quality, innovation and style. With excellence at its core, top3 ranges products that consider their impact on the planet, considering sustainability and business philosophy.

Terri believes in fostering design, not stealing it, so all top3 products are 100% authentic.

Terri believes that creative design is everywhere and works tirelessly to bring top3 fans an edited selection of the very best. She’s just like a kid on Christmas morning when new products arrive in the warehouse - spurring on the hunt for the next amazing piece to add to the top3 collection.

Terri’s eye for innovative design has made her a sought after leader and mentor in the design community. Terri has been a judge on the Australian International Design Awards for more nearly 10 years and the as well as the Design Discovery Awards in Chicago and the Spark Awards in San Francisco. Running an international award-winning business herself, Terri is passionate about the place of Awards programs for both large businesses as well as individual designers to boost recognition and understanding of their product to a wider audience.

Terri is a TV host and judge on the Channel 10 TV Series - "Australia by design - Innovation" and "Australia by Design - Interiors" where she visits some of the most extraordinary homes in the country to meet the designers and chat with them about their projects.

You can view the latest episodes here: https://www.australiabydesign.com.au/latest-episodes

Terri is married with two teenage boys (one living and studying in London) a siberian Husky named Shadow and a passion for yoga and skiing.