Out of stock items

If an item is out of stock you will see the Pre Order button instead of the Buy Now button. If no current arrival date is shown for a particular item then we do not currently have a known arrival date. In this instance we are happy to chase up information if we can, and let you know as soon as possible. You can email us on orders@top3.com.au or call us on 1300 867 333 and we can make enquiries as to the next arrival date and let you know.

Known upcoming arrival times are noted as 'early' (between 1-10th), 'mid' (11-20th) or 'late' (21st-end) in the expected arrival month.

If you order and pay for an item showing an upcoming arrival date it will automatically be allocated to you upon arrival. If there are any further delays outside of the date shown we will be in touch to discuss if you are happy to wait or would prefer a refund.

If you would prefer to pay a deposit for the item since it is not immediately available then please call us on 1300 867 333 and we are happy to do so over the phone. Unfortunately our online system is not able to take part payment.