Top3 Living + Dining Packages

by Terri Winter
What are our “Living + Dining” Packages?
A Living + Dining Package (apartment package), specifically tailored furniture and décor for you. It is a service offered to individuals who desire assistance in designing and furnishing their living and dining spaces but may not necessarily need a full-fledged personal interior designer. This package aims to provide guidance and support throughout the process of selecting furniture, colour schemes, fabrics, leathers, and timber finishes to help clients achieve your desired interior aesthetic without having to navigate the process alone.

We help with:
Style Selection: You'll discuss the style you aspire to achieve in your space. It's helpful if you can provide reference images of interior styles you like to give the design team a better understanding of your preferences.

Key furniture pieces: If certain pieces in the showroom catch your eye and you consider them essential or inspirational for your space, the design team will incorporate them as a starting point for your overall design. 

Incorporating existing furniture or managing external purchases: If you already own furniture or have purchased / have on order furniture pieces from elsewhere that you wish to incorporate into your new design, the team will help you integrate these pieces into your project.

Floor plan design: If needed, you can provide a floor plan, and the design team will use it to arrange furniture pieces to scale, ensuring a well-thought-out layout and flowwithin your space.

Some advantages of opting for a “Living + Dining Package” include:
Cost Savings: For projects with a minimum expenditure of $30,000, you'll enjoy a 10% discount on all prices for the duration of your project and an additional 6 weeks after the delivery of your key furniture pieces. This allows you to make any final adjustments or add finishing touches to your space.

Flexibility: You have the option to swap out smaller accessories if they don't align with your vision after the installation is completed. However, please note that special order items pieces may not be eligible for return as they have been created for you.

A Living + Dining Apartment Package is a collaborative design service that provides valuable guidance and expertise in furnishing and decorating your apartment's living and dining areas, making the process easier and more enjoyable for you.

We are here to help Shepherd you on your journey – this is YOUR space – we do not offer “cookie-cutter” pre-built packages.
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