By Wirth

By Wirth

byWirth is a Danish design brand established in 2011 by Signe and Sune Wirth Engelund.

With their legs firmly placed in the Nordic design tradition, they create designs with a long life, based on natural materials and simple timeless design - that is the definition of aesthetic sustainability. Their vision is that each design must be able to do more than you immediately expect. Their products must have a function, and not just be for decoration.

Their philosophy is to make beautiful everyday designs that can withstand being used - for many years. They envisage all their products should age with grace, and over time achieve a beautiful natural patina. They are inspired by nature and love the idea of ​​bringing it into our homes.

Their products are made out of a love for the materials and their natural distinctiveness and interaction. They work with solid natural materials such as vegetable tanned core leather and responsibly grown oak, which means that the products age with grace and patina.

The design is simple and functional, and must be able to slide discreetly into any style - and not least be useful in a busy everyday life. Their products must have a function, and not just be for decoration. They design timeless products as they have a desire that they should not go out of fashion and be replaced with the next new trend. Instead, they want people to take good care of the products, and maintain them so that they last longer.

They care about our climate footprint. byWirth is FSC-certified, and it is their goal that all their products and manufacturers must be certified in the long term.

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