DESIGNER | Elena Stonaker

DESIGNER | Elena Stonaker

Los Angeles based Elena Stonaker is a multi-media artist working in interactive textile installation, painting, sculpture, design, video, and participatory audience experiences.

With a deep interest in exploring a crossover between art and a wide spectrum of healing modalities and creation mythologies, Stonaker creates hyper-feminine surreal worlds based on archetypal visual language, using softness, beauty and comfort to create a safe space to explore shadow and discomfort.

A major part of her practice is creating works that evolve over time… evocative of the process of spiritual growth. Pieces are cut apart, reworked, sewn back together in different configurations, with different uses… sculptures transform to wearable garments and then back again. Her work aims at subtly moulding balance while acknowledging that imbalance opens the doorway to growth.

Stonaker has exhibited and had work published worldwide. Most notably was her large scale installation in 2019 at Tasmania’s renowned Museum of Old and New Art as the featured artist in Kirsha Kaechele’s exhibition, Eat the Problem.

caddis | folding case | elena stonaker moon mirror
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