DESIGNER | Leeworthy + Byrt

DESIGNER | Leeworthy + Byrt

The memobottle™ was born from two main frustrations that the creators (Jesse Leeworthy & Jonathan Byrt) saw in society whist growing up together in a small coastal town south of Melbourne, Australia.

As youngsters they were constantly spending time at the beach/outdoors and noticed an increasing number of plastic water bottles being washed ashore at local beaches and waterways. The two decided to look into the environmental issue a little further.

Initially they had no idea how large this problem was. They couldn’t comprehend how in a country that provides such clean and accessible drinking water; people would still buy single-use water bottles - paying over 1400 times more than perfectly drinkable tap water.

Jesse Leeworthy + Jonathan Byrt are memobottle; a creative initiative based out of Melbourne, Australia and San Diego, California, working passionately to create the balance between environmental sustainability and improved life efficiency and convenience.

Leeworthy and Byrt are both from the Mornington Peninsula near Melbourne.

Jesse Lee Worthy
With a focus on sustainable / smart design, social business and the environment, Jesse is a product design engineer.

Jonathan Byrt
With an energetic thirst for adventure, Jonathan is not the standard chartered accountant. He has several years of Big 4 accounting, financial and operations experience which is driven through team-oriented performance.
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