DESIGNER | Pilgaard Design Studio

DESIGNER | Pilgaard Design Studio

Pilgaard Design Studio is a Danish industrial design studio located in Aalborg's Vestby and founded in 2018 by the industrial designer, Esben Pilgaard Joergensen. We offer services within all processes in a product's creation. Right from idea and design to final product and delivery. When a product is to become a reality, good design is the focus, but most of all it is with the product's purpose in mind. When a product is created, we believe that you must carefully consider the purpose of the product so that it can solve a need. For us, a good design is both aesthetic, beautiful and usable, and with carefully selected materials these things can come together in a higher unity.

With a great knowledge of materials and production, it is possible for us to optimize the creation of a product within all processes. We ensure that you as a customer get exactly the product you want.

Esben Pilgaard Joergensen, who is the man behind Pilgaard Design Studio, was born in 1991 in the western seaside town of Loekken - North Jutland. He was born and raised in a family of blacksmiths, where he himself is the fifth generation. As a child, he only had to cross the driveway to enter the large blacksmith's workshop, where both father, uncle and grandfather were employed. This has meant that the interest in craftsmanship and production has been great, ever since he first held a tool in his hand, and today, despite his young age, he has a very extensive knowledge of metal processing and the entire craft around it - and precisely the craft and its quality is ultimately the most important thing for Esben and his designs.

In 2012, Esben began studying industrial design at Aalborg University. The combination of this study, Esben's growing urge to create and the opportunity to express himself creatively in the family's production unit became the starting point for his own furniture brand. The furniture brand was characterised by good craftsmanship, minimalism, classic Danish design and wild nature. A large demand has meant that the furniture is today produced by carefully selected Danish manufacturers.

Alongside the development of the furniture brand, Esben has experienced increasing demand for his ideas and skills, which has led to him starting Pilgaard Design Studio in 2018.

In 2022, Esben chose to sell his furniture brand in order to focus 100% on Pilgaard design studio.
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