Frequently Asked Questions


Where is top3 by design located?
What are your store opening hours?
Can I have my parcel gift wrapped?
Are all products original?
How do I become a member at top3?
What does the top3 by design membership give me?
Does top3 offer corporate discounts?
What is your policy on returns or exchanges?

Online shopping

How do I use the website to shop?
What do I do if I have trouble placing an online order?
I have never purchased online before, is it safe?
I want to place an online order, but don't want to provide my credit card details. Can I still purchase something?
I did not receive my order confirmation, what should I do?
I am sending a gift to a friend; will the invoice go to them too?


How long will it take for my order to arrive?
I live in Western Australia, when should I expect to receive my order?
Can registered post deliver my parcel?
What do I do if my parcel is damaged upon receiving it?
What are your delivery options and how much does it cost?
Can I track my parcel?
Does top3 ship overseas?

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