bordbar | rivet rocker trolley | classic | black

bordbar SKU: 11030403
bordbar | rivet rocker trolley | classic | black
bordbar | rivet rocker trolley | classic | black

bordbar | rivet rocker trolley | classic | black

bordbar SKU: 11030403

Dimensions: 30.1 x 40.4 x 103cm high (exterior) | 17kg (empty)

Regular price $3,950.00

The Rivet Rocker trolley is a timeless classic that elegantly combines durability with extraordinary design. Its unique features are the over 400 rivets which are reminiscent of the golden days of aviation. The charming retro-look gives it an air of sophistication and ruggedness.

Every single rivet of the Rivet Rocker edition is set by hand in the Bordbar factory in Cologne, Germany. More than 400 rivets guarantee a unique structure and emphasise the crafted details. The design of this Good Design Award recipient stands for an innovative concept and is unparalleled in its form.

Aeroplane trolleys by Bordbar comply with the globally recognised ATLAS-Norm, used by Lufthansa and Emirates among others. The materials used in the trolleys must comply with the stringent requirements of the aviation industry.

Technical Data:
Airplane trolley: ATLAS-Norm, no flight experience
Door: lockable, opens 270° magnetically fixable
Door hinge: left (cannot be changed)
Castors: smooth-running black double castors with central brake

NOTE: your Bordbar is designed to mix and match the internal configuration and is therefore empty - please select your internal equipment set separately.

More information:

Bordbar trolleys are multifunctional, beautiful and practical pieces of furniture for varied applications. They are available in a variety of patterns, colours and functions.

Tailor-made interior elements transform the trolley into any desired object, be it an office cupboard with a filing cabinet, a shoe cabinet with compartments or a minibar with shelves, lighting and a glass front. The newest addition are the illuminated shelves available with LEDs that can be controlled with a remote the size of a credit card. 
There are several different equipment sets that customers can choose from: Minibar, Storage, Coffee, Serving, Office and Wellness equipment. The latest equipment is the Cooler.

Personal design wishes can be implemented upon request as well – a feature high in demand with companies who wish to display their company logo or corporate design.

Bordbar products comes with a 30 year guarantee.

Your product will be made to order in Germany.
SHIPPING: sea freight has a lead time to Australia of 15 - 16 weeks (no additional charges) Speedy delivery of your custom creation: 4-5 weeks: $280 per unit.

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Bordbar was launched in 2006 and has been transforming authentic aircraft trolleys into timeless design objects. The highest quality and functionality specifications paired with the inimitable Bordbar design define the success of the Cologne-based design label. Trolleys with special interiors or special functions mean there are endless possible uses.

For an aircraft trolley to become a Bordbar, it takes above all one thing: perfection. Harnessing its passion for durability and precision, Bordbar creates inimitable products in manufactory quality. Each product is certified according to the international ICAO guidelines - the International Civil Aviation Organisation – so could accompany any long-haul flight in the world. When they select their materials and craft their products, reliability is at the fore and always reflected in the finished product. So each and every product is crafted from the highest quality materials such as aluminium and stainless steel.

Coveted international design awards like the Red Dot Design Award, the Good Design Award or the Green Product Award attest to the high design quality of the Bordbar trolleys. Award-winning models like the Bordbar Voyager or the Rivet Rocker, boasting over 500 rivets applied by hand, are the flagships of the Bordbar fleet.

The new Bordbars are individually handcrafted according to customer specifications. Each Bordbar New comprises over 250 individual parts and, just like in aviation, undergoes critical tests before leaving the manufactory doors. Not surprising then, that the Bordbar New comes with a 30-year guarantee.

Bordbar Used, on the other hand, are disused aircraft trolleys with many years of flight experience that have been painstakingly overhauled, cleaned and tested for functionality. Afterwards, a particularly hard-wearing lamination is applied below the profile giving it a particularly scratch-proof and impact-resistant surface.

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