derek swalwell | photographic print | la fabrica 09 | ash frame

Derek Swalwell for Loft Production SKU: ds-lf-09-1000
derek swalwell | photographic print | la fabrica 09 | ash frame

derek swalwell | photographic print | la fabrica 09 | ash frame

Derek Swalwell for Loft Production SKU: ds-lf-09-1000

Dimensions: 66.6 x 100cm high
Material: giclée print on 300gsm 100% cotton rag | victorian ash frame

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Derek Swalwell’s name is synonymous with the photographic representation of the architectural landscape in Australia and beyond. Having crossed the globe numerous times since starting out on his photographic journey over twenty years ago, Derek’s work documents some of the world’s most iconic built environments and visually articulates them in an entirely unique light.

La Fabrica series
Continuing his study of the work of Spanish Architect Ricardo Bofill is La Fabrica. In 1973 Bofill came across a disused cement factory in the San Just Desvern area in the suburbs of Barcelona.

He meticulously remodelled the industrial complex into what is now the head office for his architecture firm, Taller de Arquitectura, and his residence.

By leaving in place much of what was left of the original structure, Bofill reinterpreted the traditional concept of a home or office. The cement plant’s forlorn, empty shell, void of its original function, became a collection of abstract elements which Bofill transformed into unexpected new spaces. Enormous cylindrical silos were repurposed into light-filled office chambers, whilst immense concrete supporting walls were cut-away and sculpted into decorative arches. The sober, concrete walls of the former factory are given a more human touch with an abundance of lush vegetation. Roofs are carpeted in grass whilst palm trees stand tall within the shells of former machine rooms.

The patina of weather, age, concrete and ancient plantings make it one of the most mystical structures of its time.


Fine art digital giclée photographic print made on an inkjet printer. They are archival quality and guaranteed not to fade or bleed for up to 100 years. It is the industry standard in galleries and museums across the world.

Printed to a 300gsm 100% cotton rag as standard. Using the latest Epson P20070 printer using genuine Epson Ultrachrome Pro inks.

Frame made from Victorian Ash which is locally sourced from sustainable sources. Each frame has been hand cut and carefully assembled.

Frame is not pictured.

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