eva solo | decanter carafe

eva solo | decanter carafe
eva solo | decanter carafe
eva solo | decanter carafe
eva solo | decanter carafe
eva solo | decanter carafe
eva solo | decanter carafe

eva solo | decanter carafe

The new decanter carafe from Eva Solo gently decants your wine through the integrated funnel which is perforated with lots of small holes. When the wine runs through all the holes and continues down the inside of the carafe, it is subtly yet effectively aerated in the most beautiful way.

Dimensions: diameter 15 x 21cm height

When wine is decanted or aerated it softens the tannins so they become less sharp, it rounds off the acids and it opens up the wine s fruitiness. In other words, the wine becomes more complex and acquires a fuller taste, and is therefore more pleasant to drink.

An old, mature wine needs to be decanted for just 20-30 minutes (yet there might be sediment), while a completely young wine may need several hours of aeration.

By comparison, it takes about a day to aerate a bottle of wine if you just remove the cork and leave the wine in the bottle and who has time for that?>

The carafe is made of mouth-blown glass with a stainless steel pouring funnel. Dishwasher-safe.

Winner of the IF award in 2015.

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Launched in 1997, Eva Solo was destined to be something special. As an offspring of a 60-year-old Danish company, Eva Solo combines youth with experience. Eva Solo has developed to comprise a unique collection of award-winning designs.

Each product is created as the centre of its own universe, and represents the ultimate combination of appearance and functionality. The Eva Solo product range is designed by Tools Design - a Danish design duo who have created a long list of innovative products - many of which have been awarded nationally and internationally.

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Claus Jensen and Henrik Holbaek founded Tools Design in 1989. A couple of decades on and with more than 200 international design awards to their name, Tools Design is one of Denmark's leading design firms. The designs are characterised by a simple and innovative approach to the product and its function. And in the hands of these skilled designers, the result is stunning products which are truly functional. Tools has been on board ever since the Eva Solo series was launched in 1997, and they have created all the items in the extensive range.

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