iittala | sarpaneva cast iron casserole | oval 4 litre - DC

iittala | sarpaneva cast iron casserole | oval 4 litre - DC

iittala | sarpaneva cast iron casserole | oval 4 litre - DC

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The Sarpaneva pot is a combination of tradition, functionalism and polished aesthetics. It is a basic object for the home that you can lift from the stove straight to the table. The excellent qualities of the enamelled cast-iron pot on the stove, in the oven and when serving, complete perhaps the most beautiful cast-iron pot in the world.

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Please note: The Sarpaneva pot cannot be put in the dishwasher, scoured inside or experience sudden temperature changes (don't run cold water over the hot pot!) The base is iron, and will rust if left damp. You can clean off the rust with steel wool. Do not use steel wool on the enamel on the inside of your Sarpaneva Pot. They need TLC :)

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Since starting their glass factory in 1881, Finnish design brand Iittala has pioneered avant-garde design and coloured glass. Iittala brings together exciting, surprising and inspiring elements of contemporary culture to create something original and insightful while celebrating art and craft. They are famous for collaborating with skilled designers and artists who share their vision of experimental, playful, bold design with a creative edge.
Today, Iittala continues to be a pioneer in timeless Finnish design. By working with visionary, creative minds Iittala continues to build on the knowledge handed down from Iittala’s legendary designers and master craftspeople. 

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Sarpaneva was one of the great personalities responsible for the world reputation of Finnish design since the 1950s. He was a master of materials as glass, porcelain, cast iron and textile as well as graphic art.

Timo Sarpaneva designed the current Iittala trademark for his glass collection called I-line (I-linja) in 1956, for which he received one of his Grand Prix in Milan the following year. He has been honoured with innumerable awards and acknowledgements.Sarpaneva was Doctor HC of the Royal College of Art in London and the University of Art and Design in Helsinki and Academician HC of the University of Mexico. His work can be seen in art and design museums throughout the world.

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