northern | yam pouf small | brandy leather

Mattias Stenberg for Northern SKU: 2023-ULTRALEATHER41574
northern | yam pouf small | brandy leather
northern | yam pouf small | brandy leather
northern | yam pouf small | brandy leather
northern | yam pouf small | brandy leather
northern | yam pouf small | brandy leather
northern | yam pouf small | brandy leather

northern | yam pouf small | brandy leather

Mattias Stenberg for Northern SKU: 2023-ULTRALEATHER41574

Dimensions: 53 x 46 x 45cm high
Material: Plywood base, moulded foam filling and ultra leather cover in colour Brandy 41574 (Sorensen leather)

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This spectacular series of contemporary seats was inspired by traditional Ottoman stools. The series includes a low-slung seat with a backrest, an ottoman and a footstool.

Each seat is made with soft contours that enhance comfort and add support to the overall structure. The seats are bordered by a single, unbroken seam that forms a soft edge around the sides.

Yam is also available in a medium sized pouf and a larger chair version where the backrest is shaped by a subtle fold that divides the back from the seat. Each of the designs is available in a selection of fabrics. The seats are subtle enough to blend in with most interiors, yet striking enough to stand out in a contemporary space.

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**Please note: Images are for illustrative purposes. This item is covered in Ultra leather Brandy colour.

Ma intenance :
Leather is a natural material. Like most natural materials, it does need some care to ensure its long-lasting appeal year after year. The care and maintenance of leather will always depend on the specific way in which it is used, the conditions of use and how often it is used.

A few simple tips will help preserve the leather’s natural beauty and will make the leather look even more luscious over time:

– Avoid placing the leather in direct sunlight or near heat sources
– Daily cleaning of leather is best done with a dry clean cotton cloth. The cloth can be slightly dampened in lukewarm water if necessary.
– For a deeper cleaning, use the foam from natural soap flakes for housecleaning.
– Avoid soaking the leather with any liquid or allow contact with sharp objects.
– To absorb any spills, use a clean, dry cotton cloth immediately.
– To dust, use a vacuum cleaner with a soft brush.
– Never use detergents, ammonia or varnish.
– If the leather looks dry, wax can be used.

Clean using soap flakes:
Whip a 1/2 decilitre of soap flakes to a litre of hot water.
When the water becomes room temperature, the foam must be applied all over the leather with a soft cloth. Only use the foam and avoid soaking the leather.
When the leather is dry, polish with a soft, dry cotton cloth.

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The Northern brand was born in the studios of Northern Lighting, where a team of creatives has been illuminating lives for the past twelve years. They combine beauty with functionality, and prefer natural materials and genuine craftsmanship. Furniture and interior accessories are a natural fit for what they do, enabling them to express their characteristic style in a whole new scale.

Northern’s collection is simplicity at its best, spelled out in streamlined designs that are fun to combine and easy to clash and contrast. Smoked wood, twilight colours and strong silhouettes create subdued moods, while subtle geometries and classic sensibilities add an elegant touch. They see the interior as a flexible, creative space, and make multifunctional products that are unified in style, as well as in spirit.

Their creative reach goes beyond their Norwegian heritage to meet the modern need for laid-back luxury and cutting-edge cool. Northern’s designs can energise and inspire, create a relaxing mood, or set the scene for a soothing backdrop. Designed with the potential to make any setting unique, Northern’s products add atmosphere as they reveal a new vision for Nordic style.

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Mattias Stenberg is a Swedish designer and a graduate of the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm. Mattias approaches design from a holistic perspective, relating architectural environments to the human form and making mass-produced objects feel tactile and handcrafted. Since establishing his studio in 2010, Mattias has produced an impressive range of furniture and designs he describes as ‘everyday objects’; yet, the products he creates are anything but. The soft carpets, tactile furniture, smooth glassware and chic lighting Mattias designs have a distinctively industrial aesthetic while being inviting and accessible. This approach is reflected in the range of Ottoman seating Mattias designed for Northern. They, too, resonate with comfort, welcoming and warmth.

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