BRAND | Cocoon Fires

BRAND | Cocoon Fires

Cocoon Fires produce a stunning range of fireplaces and products that are as functional as they are beautiful. Designed by innovative and celebrated designer Federico Otero, the Cocoon is an example of contemporary design made unique.

Running on biofuel, the fireplaces are clean and environmentally friendly as the flame radiates warmth throughout the room, aiming for a stylish addition to interior and exterior spaces.

Their ethanol based fireplaces are smoke free and require no flue. They represent not merely decoration, but real fireplaces which create an outstanding environment.

It’s the cleanness of the design that makes the object so attractive and effective. Their products offer practical solutions with functional and eye-catching designs.
cocoon fires | aeris | black + black rod
cocoon fires | aeris | black + steel rod
cocoon fires | aeris | stainless steel + steel rod
cocoon fires | pedestal | black + black base
cocoon fires | pedestal | black + steel base
cocoon fires | pedestal | steel + steel base
PARTS: cocoon fires | angled bracket
PARTS: cocoon fires | extension rod | black 100cm
PARTS: cocoon fires | extension rod | steel 100cm
PARTS: cocoon fires | extension rod | steel 50cm

Are you seeking to transform your living space into a haven of warmth and modern elegance? Look no further than Eco Cocoon Fires. With their sleek designs and unmatched efficiency, these fireplaces are more than just heat sources; they are centrepieces that redefine the essence of a cosy, stylish home.

Revolutionising Home Comfort with Eco Cocoon Fires

In the world of modern home heating and aesthetic design, Eco Cocoon Fires emerges as a symbol of avant-garde innovation and refined elegance. These fireplaces are not mere heat sources; they are embodiments of design excellence and functional artistry. The amalgamation of high-end functionality with streamlined, sophisticated aesthetics has never been as vivid and impactful as it is in the realm of Eco Cocoon Fires. Their state-of-the-art designs do more than provide warmth; they infuse any living space with an air of contemporary sophistication and style.

At Top3 company, the introduction of Eco Cocoon Fires marks a new era in home heating solutions. We are proud to present these cutting-edge fireplaces, which effortlessly blend with and enhance various interior design themes. From minimalistic modern apartments to more traditional and cosy homes, Eco Cocoon Fires brings a unique charm and warmth, turning each space into a haven of comfort and elegance.

The Elegance of Eco Cocoon Fireplace: A Blend of Art and Functionality

The Eco Cocoon Fireplace stands as a pinnacle of design where functionality meets artistic flair. Far beyond a mere heating element, each fireplace is crafted as a striking piece of art. Its allure lies in the seamless integration with any interior décor, effortlessly enhancing the aesthetic appeal of a room. Whether it's the captivatingly suspended Eco Cocoon Aeris or the traditional charm of freestanding models, each Eco Cocoon Fireplace embodies a perfect balance of form and function.

Distinguished by their sleek, contemporary lines, Eco Cocoon Fireplaces bring a touch of modern sophistication to any living space. Their versatility in design allows them to become the focal point in diverse settings, from a minimalist urban loft to a cosy suburban home. The sheer elegance of a ECo Cocoon Fireplace lies in its understated yet impactful presence, transforming the ambience with its warm, inviting glow.

Moreover, the Eco Cocoon Fireplace range is celebrated for its innovative approach to home heating. Utilising bioethanol fuel, these fireplaces offer a clean, efficient burn without the need for a chimney, making them an ideal choice for urban living. This combination of artistic design and practical utility sets the Eco Cocoon Fireplace apart as a must-have feature for those who appreciate the finer things in life, blending the best of both worlds in home heating and interior design.

The Distinct Features of Eco Cocoon Fires

Choosing Eco Cocoon Fires means opting for an eco-friendly, efficient, and aesthetically pleasing heating solution. These fireplaces, using bioethanol, emit no harmful gases, ensuring a clean and safe environment. Their versatility in design and installation makes them perfect for any room, be it a spacious living area or a cosy bedroom.

The uniqueness of Eco Cocoon Fires lies in their innovative design and eco-friendly operation. Let's delve into the distinctive features that set them apart: • Eco Cocoon Aeris: This model boasts a hanging design, creating a floating effect that adds a modern touch to any room. • Efficient Heating: Utilising bioethanol, Eco Cocoon Fires provide ample heat without the hassle of traditional fireplaces. • Eco-Friendly: With a commitment to sustainability, these fireplaces are a responsible choice for environmentally conscious homeowners.

Tailoring the Perfect Ambiance with Eco Cocoon Fires

Eco Cocoon Fires are synonymous with creating a bespoke ambience, catering to the diverse moods and settings of your home. Whether it's crafting a romantic atmosphere with a soft, glowing warmth or setting the stage for a convivial gathering with friends and family, these fireplaces are adept at conjuring the perfect environment for every occasion. The versatility of Eco Cocoon Fires lies in their ability to adapt to and enhance the mood of any room, effortlessly shifting from a centrepiece of elegance to a source of cosy comfort.

The unique design of Eco Cocoon Fires allows them to blend into various interior themes, from contemporary to classic, adding a touch of sophistication and charm. The gentle flicker of the flame, combined with their sleek and stylish build, creates an ambience that is both luxurious and inviting. This transformative ability makes Eco Cocoon Fires not just a functional element in your home but a dynamic tool for atmosphere creation.

Additionally, the ease of use and maintenance of Eco Cocoon Fires ensures that setting the right mood is both simple and enjoyable. Without the hassle of traditional fireplaces, you can focus on enjoying the moment, be it a quiet evening alone or a lively social gathering. Eco Cocoon Fires thus become an integral part of your lifestyle, enhancing each experience with their distinct charm and warmth.

Eco Cocoon Fires, offered by Top3 company, represents not just a leap in home heating solutions but also a commitment to eco-friendly and stylish living. Whether you choose the hanging grace of the Eco Cocoon Aeris or the traditional charm of other models, these fireplaces are guaranteed to transform your space into a haven of comfort and style. Embrace the future of home heating with Eco Cocoon Fires and make a statement that speaks volumes about your taste and environmental consciousness.

Ready to elevate your home with the elegance and efficiency of Eco Cocoon Fires? Visit Top3 company today and discover how these exquisite fireplaces can transform your living space. Experience warmth like never before – stylishly, sustainably, and effortlessly.


1. What makes Eco Cocoon Fires unique?

Eco Cocoon Fires stand out due to their innovative design, eco-friendly fuel usage, and ease of installation.

2. Can Eco Cocoon Fires be installed in any room?

Absolutely! Their versatile design allows for installation in various spaces, offering flexibility in interior design.

3. What is the fuel source for Eco Cocoon Fires?

Eco Cocoon Fires uses bioethanol, an eco-friendly and efficient fuel source that emits no harmful gases.

4. Are Eco Cocoon Fires safe to use in homes?

Yes, they are designed with safety in mind, using clean-burning bioethanol and adhering to strict safety standards.

5. How does the Eco Cocoon Aeris model enhance room aesthetics?

The Eco Cocoon Aeris features a unique hanging design, creating a visually stunning focal point in any room.

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