BRAND | Cocoon Fires

BRAND | Cocoon Fires

Cocoon Fires produce a stunning range of fireplaces and products that are as functional as they are beautiful. Designed by innovative and celebrated designer Federico Otero, the Cocoon is an example of contemporary design made unique.

Running on biofuel, the fireplaces are clean and environmentally friendly as the flame radiates warmth throughout the room, aiming for a stylish addition to interior and exterior spaces.

Their ethanol based fireplaces are smoke free and require no flue. They represent not merely decoration, but real fireplaces which create an outstanding environment.

It’s the cleanness of the design that makes the object so attractive and effective. Their products offer practical solutions with functional and eye-catching designs.

cocoon fires | aeris | black + black rod
cocoon fires | aeris | black + steel rod
cocoon fires | aeris | stainless steel + steel rod
cocoon fires | pedestal | black + black base
cocoon fires | pedestal | black + steel base
cocoon fires | pedestal | steel + steel base
PARTS: cocoon fires | angled bracket
PARTS: cocoon fires | extension rod | black 100cm
PARTS: cocoon fires | extension rod | steel 100cm
PARTS: cocoon fires | extension rod | steel 50cm

Luxurious Cocoon Fireplaces at Top3

Of all the design studios and brands loved and sold by top3, Cocoon Fires is one of the most interesting. Based in Barcelona, Cocoon Fires is a niche brand focused on highly innovative fireplaces. If your home or commercial space in Australia is without fireplace, Cocoon Fires is the most stylish and practical solution you can find. Their fireplaces require minimal installation, reduce carbon dioxide emissions, and produce no smoke or embers to deal with.

The Highly Functional Appeal of Cocoon Fireplace Design

The first thing you should know about the revolutionary Cocoon fireplace is that it was designed by the acclaimed Federico Otero, a young Peruvian industrial designer who has worked with the likes of Tag Heuer in Switzerland and Delta Faucet in America. The Cocoon concept revolves around the idea of bringing all the warmth and cosiness of a traditional fireplace into a living space, while at the same time injecting a high degree of efficiency and sustainability.

Fireplaces designed by Cocoon burn the green fuel known as bioethanol, which is one of the most environmentally friendly solutions for residential heating. Filling up the burner and lighting it are simple actions that will keep you warm for up to five hours, without having to worry about your home or office becoming smoky or stained with soot.

The Cocoon Aeris at Top3

Without a doubt, the Cocoon Aeris is the most elegant and futuristic fireplace ever designed. With the smart ceiling bracket system used to hang the Aeris, it is possible to situate the fireplace anywhere in your house. Cocoon also offers a pedestal fireplace that looks like the Aeris but is even easier to move around.

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