BRAND | Lucano

BRAND | Lucano

The beauty is in the details when it comes to this meticulously designed step stool. Created by the experimental design lab Metaphys and Hasegawa Kogyo Co., the top manufacturer of ladders and scaffolding in Japan since 1956, this exceptional ladder has received many design accolades, including the Red Dot Design, Good Design and JIDA Design Museum selection awards.

lucano | 2 step ladder | black
lucano | 2 step ladder | black wide
Last Chance
lucano | 2 step ladder | orange - LC
lucano | 2 step ladder | white
lucano | 2 step ladder | white wide
lucano | 3 step ladder | black
lucano | 3 step ladder | black wide
lucano | 3 step ladder | white
lucano | 3 step ladder | white wide
lucano | premium 2 step ladder | bronze
lucano | premium 2 step ladder | gold
lucano | premium 2 step ladder | silver

Lucano Step Ladders at Top3

A step stool or step ladder may seem like an odd choice for a luxury interior decorator to consider in terms of stylish homewares, but top3 is interested in bringing eclectic design collections to Australian homes and offices. The Lucano step ladder is an item that you have seen in pictorial articles published by magazines such as Architectural Digest; it is the sole home product line produced by Hasegawa, a Japanese industrial design firm with a primary business model of providing ladders and scaffolding structures to construction projects.

What is the Lucano Step Ladder?

Hasegawa is a renowned designer and manufacturer of scaffolding and ladders for construction and industrial use. Only a few of the products offered by Hasegawa are intended for use in living and non-industrial spaces, and they fall under the Lucano imprint. This brand is admired within industrial design and interior decoration circles; those who are familiar with Lucano know that it is synonymous with "the most stylish step ladders, step stools, and home ladders ever designed."

The Lucano step ladder is a marvel of smart design that can be used as a home decoration item or for gardening, landscaping, and DIY chores and projects. You can use these two, three, or four-step ladders to make wonderfully rustic shelves, while the wider versions let you display decorations such as flowerpots, bonsai trees, picture frames, or Lladro figurines.

Lucano Items at Top3

The Metaphys Lucano Stepstool line offers two, three, and four-step ladders in assorted colours. Each of these step ladders is made with advanced aluminium steel that provides an extremely sturdy platform supporting up to 150 kilograms. The powder-coated finish presents a smooth and vibrant surface that can withstand staining, scratching and impacts with sharp edges. These products are backed by a solid manufacturer's warranty.

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