Kyra Campbell

DESIGNER | Kyra Campbell

Kyra Campbell is a talented artist from Mount Peachy in the Tanami Desert of the Northern Territory. Mount Peachy is located approximately 120kms south of Alice Springs. Kyra was born on 13th August 1990 and the niece to the talented artist Lelita Morton Napanangka. Kyra began painting after learning the sacred stories of her Country from her aunty Lelita and then began creating her own stunning representations of her Country on the canvas.

Kyra is most recognised for her intricate representations of the sacred Claypan and Lightning Dreaming stories of her Country at night. Kyra is inspired her ancestral spirits, who live within the land and the sky, protecting all of the members of her community. Kyra’s dotting style is highly intricate. The artist’s use of fine dot work as well as a contrasting, often monochromatic colour palette, create works of art that are powerful, contemporary and highly sought after.

kyra campbell | original artwork | big rain at night
kyra campbell | original artwork | big rain on the river
kyra campbell | original artwork | big rain on the sandhills
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