Sofie Lefevre

DESIGNER | Mavro // Lefevre

Behind the name Mavro // Lefevre is a quirky, quick-witted duo – musician and interior design specialist Mette Mavro, and designer Sofie Lefevre. Together they are behind a number of Zone Denmark’s popular designs. Mette Mavro with her unconventional interior design background and music industry experience, and Sofie Lefevre with a Master’s degree in Innovation Design Engineering from the Royal College of Art in London.
More of the same doesn’t lead to anything new. That’s why the Mette Mavro and Sofie Lefevre partnership is all about testing new ideas based on their own creative universes. They value highly the creative spark that comes from their inherent differences.

“That’s one of our strengths, because there’s room for a vast array of ideas,” says Sofie Lefevre, continuing enthusiastically: “The hairs stand up on the back of our necks when the right idea comes along and we both know we’ve nailed it.”

Today the Danish design studio is run by Sofie Lefevre. She aims to create experiences that underpin and enriches the conduct and everyday life of human beings in both private and public spaces. This approach means that the design process always begins with an identification of different stakeholders and their needs combined with extensive analysis of the environmental context in which the new design shall function and add long-term value.

By continuously asking why and how the designs can improve the actuality and quality of life, she strives to make them become more than aesthetic objects. Rather, the objective is to create designs that manifest human aspiration and desire.

zone denmark | diish dish draining set | black
zone denmark | dishwashing set + cloth | cool grey
zone denmark | dishwashing set + cloth | warm grey
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