DESIGNER | Sebastian Herkner

DESIGNER | Sebastian Herkner

Sebastian Herkner was born in 1981 in Bad Mergentheim. He studied product design at the HfG Offenbach am Main (Offenbach University of Art and Design), already focusing during his studies on designing objects and furniture merging various cultural contexts, combining new technologies with traditional craftsmanship in order to highlight the multifaceted beauty of the materials and draw renewed attention to small details.

Whilst still a student, Herkner did an internship with Stella McCartney in London, which helped to hone his feeling for materials, colours, structures and textures. Since founding his own design studio in Offenbach am Main in 2006, he has designed products for manufacturers such as ClassiCon, Very Wood by Gervasoni, Moroso, Sancal, La Chance and Rosenthal, as well as working on interior design projects and for exhibitions and museums. Since 2007 he has taught several courses at HfG Offenbach am Main as visiting lecturer. His designs have received multiple prizes, for example the 2011 German Design Award in the Newcomer category.
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freifrau | ona bar stool | steel frame
freifrau | ona cocktail armchair | steel frame black
freifrau | ona cocktail armchair | steel frame | maple 732
freifrau | ona curve armchair 2020 | steel frame | shake steel
freifrau | ona curve bench 140cm | steel frame | safire 0001
freifrau | ona side chair | steel frame black | harald 3 - 242
freifrau | ona side chair | steel frame black | harald 3 - 792
freifrau | ona side chair | steel frame black | harald 3 - 952
freifrau | ona side chair | steel frame black | maple 732
freifrau | theia armchair high | steel frame bronze | smart bordeaux
freifrau | theia armchair low | steel frame black | smart charbon

Sebastian Herkner: Freifrau Design at Top 3 Design Store

Freifrau Manufaktur is a German luxury fashion brand founded in 2012 by Hansjörg Helweg to create charming and timeless collections that embody the highest quality without pretension or ostentation. With a focus on creating high-quality, handmade pieces at affordable prices, Freifrau Manufaktur has become known for its understated elegance.

Since then, skilled artisans have been developing and manufacturing classic seating furniture alongside well-known designers who share their commitment to both quality and the environment. Sebastian Herkner is one such designer who is making furniture and other homewares using Freifrau design principles.

Freifrau Furniture by Sebastian Herkner at Top 3

At Top 3, we have Freifrau furniture created to be the perfect mix of classic and modern styles. Freifrau combines traditional artistry—which is the key to the beauty of the pieces—with innovative design solutions, offering furniture with a both a timeless and trendy feel.

Our furniture is designed by Sebastian Herkner, a professional product designer who focuses on producing items and goods that mix emerging technologies with traditional art. We sell furniture many pieces by Herkner, including the Ona cocktail armchair, Ona bar stool, Ona curve armchair, Ona curve bench, Theia armchair and more.

For the Theia armchair, there is a hint of gemstone design to it. By employing an equal focus on the fabric and the framework as design features, Sebastian Herkner has made the chair the crown beauty of any room. The area at the chair's back is wrapped in the frame's curving lines, which draws attention to the design idea and emphasizes the model's lightness. The Theia Armchair may be configured in a wide variety of ways, thanks to its low and high armrest options and its variety of material and colour options.

Why Buy from Us?

Our Freifrau furniture is designed and crafted to the highest quality standards. The collection has been engineered to make it easy to assemble, disassemble, and re-assemble again, as well as being built to last. Our product designers are leaders in the furniture design field. Sebastian Herkner has won many awards for his design work, including the 2011 German Design Award for Newcomers.

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