DESIGNER | Walter Brown Tjangala

DESIGNER | Walter Brown Tjangala

Walter Brown Tjangala is the son of the internationally renowned Ronnie Tjampitjinpa who is from the remote region of “Walangurru” near the Kintore Ranges, about 530km west of Alice Springs. Walter’s father was highly influential on Walter’s artistic evolution as Ronnie was a founding member of the Papunya Tula Western Desert art movement of the 1970’s. Like his father, Walter’s Dreaming encompasses the sacred men’s ceremonies that come from his community in Kintore. These include Tingari, Fire Dreaming and Spear Dreaming.

The Tingari story is the male story of creation, when the ancestral spirits came across the land and created the natural elements and landscape.

Walter’s signature Spear Dreaming was taught to him by his artist father, who is very well-known for painting Fire Dreaming. The story tells of the hunting and ceremonial spears passing through the fire, which is both a practical and symbolic tradition held by certain men within Walter’s community. This ceremony is traditionally a closed ceremony, to which only the men of Kintore are allowed to attend.

Walter’s depictions of his Dreaming are vivid and bold, encompassing strong contrasting colours and lines to create visually stunning pieces of contemporary art.

walter brown tjangala | original artwork | tingari - ID34369
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