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muuto | 70/70 table | solid smoked oak + black leg | 225cm
muuto | 70/70 table | white laminate + white leg | 255cm
muuto | linear wood table | 260cm
muuto | midst table | dark oiled oak + black base | 120cm
muuto | midst table | solid oak + grey base | 120cm
puik | fold table | solid oak + black base 240cm - LC
Sale price $3,000.00 Regular price $4,710.00 Save $1,710
puik | fold table | solid oak + white base 200cm - LC
Sale price $2,800.00 Regular price $4,285.00 Save $1,485
puik | fold table | solid oak + white base 240cm - LC
Sale price $3,000.00 Regular price $4,710.00 Save $1,710
tom dixon | cork round table | 120cm - DC
tom dixon | screw cafe table | white marble 90cm
tom dixon | slab table 240cm | black oak
tom dixon | slab table 240cm | natural oak
tom dixon | slab table round 120cm | black oak
tom dixon | slab table round 120cm | natural oak
tom dixon | tube dIning table | white marble 90cm

Designer Dining Tables at Top3 Design Store

The dining room is one of the most important areas in your home. Not only is it a place for having your meals but also a place where you get to host and bond with your friends and family. A luxury dining table can make every meal that you have with your loved ones a special one.

As you place food and drinks on your dining table every day, it may become more prone to damage compared to other tables around the house. For this reason, you need to ensure you get the best quality dining table available and take proper care of it so that it lasts.

High-End Dining Tables

The Janua collection is a range of luxury dining tables with a classic vintage design. The top consists of individual wooden planks of wood at the length you prefer and held together by flat steel buckles. This designer dining table is easy to assemble on your own since you only need to place the planks of wood on the table’s frame and begin using it. The Jauna dining table comes in a variety of finishes, and you can get it in any shape or size that you want.

Basket Dining Tables

Basket dining tables are a classy and unique design that combines stone, metal, and wood for an aesthetically pleasing round or rectangular dining table. The top, which is either wood or stone, sits on a metal frame that consists of a flat base and vertical slates that have slight curves to give a basket shape. This unique shape gives it the look of an expensive dining table.

Plateau Dining Tables

You can also get a simple plateau table for a classic look, with a round top and three legs that slant outwards. These tables come in various colours and finishes to suit your individual taste and preference.

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