BRAND | Heliograf

BRAND | Heliograf

Heliograf is an award-winning collaboration of creatives Angus Ware and Jeffrey Simpson, based in Sydney, Australia.

Both designers live on the coast and have seen first-hand the shocking impact plastic is having on the oceans. Seeing the dark irony of the iconic soy sauce fish, the pair set out to create a design object that highlighted single-use plastic and made a difference.

After 4 years of design and development, the result is Light Soy, a playful light made with recycled ocean-bound plastic, collected in regions that contribute most to ocean plastic pollution. As well as stopping ocean pollution at the source, sustainability is factored into every component of their designs, from material choice, form, function, repairability, end-of-life and packaging.

The collaborating duo has received a Gold Good Design Award.

heliograf | light soy lamp
heliograf | light soy lamp base | black
heliograf | light soy lamp base | gold
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