BRAND | Menu (Audo Copenhagen)

BRAND | Menu (Audo Copenhagen)

Menu has now become Audo Copenhagen. Developed from uniting 'Menu' and 'by Lassen', Audo Copenhagen reflects both a century of Danish design tradition and a modern, global outlook that is continually expanding and evolving.
Audo Copenhagen’s furniture, lighting and interior accessories are shaped by purposeful details, high-quality materials and human needs, going hand-in-hand with the pursuit to create strong, long-lasting connections and partnerships.
Bridging heritage and contemporary design, Danish roots and global ambition, people, and projects around the world, Audo Copenhagen designs are catalysts for creativity and communal innovation. Explore the new Audo Copenhagen (Menu) >

audo copenhagen (menu) | towel ladder | white + light oak
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audo copenhagen (menu) | troll vase amber | medium - DC
audo copenhagen (menu) | troll vase smoke | extra large 32cm - DC
audo copenhagen (menu) | turning coffee table | black ash + brass
audo copenhagen (menu) | turning coffee table | natural oak + black chrome
audo copenhagen (menu) | wine breather carafe deluxe | clear + brass
audo copenhagen (menu) | wine breather carafe deluxe | clear + steel
audo copenhagen (menu) | wine breather carafe | clear + steel
audo copenhagen (menu) | wine breather carafe | smoke + brass
audo copenhagen (menu) | wire pot | black - 3DC
PARTS: audo copenhagen (menu) | charging cable for portable table lamp
PARTS: audo copenhagen (menu) | glass shade for carrie portable table lamp

The Menu Danish Design Collection at Top3

Hailing from Denmark, a country renowned for its iconic contributions to interior design, Menu is a furniture and home decor studio that comfortably meets all the criteria required to be part of the Top 3 catalogue. If you wish to incorporate Scandinavian design into your home, office, or commercial establishment, Menu is a wonderful starting point.

Menu has been in the design business since the late 1970s, a time when industrial designers in Denmark were setting new and exciting trends in the home furnishings space. At the start, the company was dedicated to serving the needs of the high-end catering and banquet industry; a couple of decades later, Menu decided to expand its design portfolio to include luxury furniture and decorations.

Get to Know the Elegance of Menu Vases and Bottles

Menu vases, carafes, and bottles are in a category of their own. The tall and narrow style of Menu vases comes from a distinctive design created by a successful architecture firm, with the Menu Echasse vase being one of its most iconic glassware items. When you want to show-off a fresh bouquet of Australian flowers, your best bet will always be with a Menu Echasse vase.

Why Should You Choose Menu Furniture?

The highly practical, durable, and attractive design of steel products that Menu creates for the catering industry translates quite well into premium furniture pieces. Some of the outstanding Menu furniture pieces available from Top 3 include lounge chairs and innovative coffee tables that feature a turning surface.

The best way to complement Menu furniture is to adorn it with Menu home decorations and accessories. To help you achieve this effect, Top 3 has selected table lamps, plinth pedestals, elaborate vases, and other items that will look great in select living spaces. Also, the Menu design principles insist on manufacturing excellence, which means that their pieces are made to last for decades.

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