BRAND | Vitra

BRAND | Vitra

Vitra is a Swiss company dedicated to improving the quality of homes, offices and public spaces through the power of design.

Their products and concepts are developed in an intensive design process, which brings together their engineering excellence with the creative genius of leading international designers. It is their goal to create interiors, furniture and accessories that are functional and inspiring. Longevity of materials, construction and aesthetics is their leading principle, as demonstrated by their Classics – many in continuous production since the 1950s, and collectables in their own right.

Initiatives like the Vitra Campus architecture, the Vitra Design Museum, workshops, publications, collections and archives are all integral elements of Vitra. They give them the opportunity to gain perspective and depth in all their activities.

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vitra | akari floor lamp 10A
vitra | akari floor lamp BB3-33S
vitra | akari floor lamp UF3-Q
vitra | akari pendant light 55D
vitra | akari table light 1A
vitra | akari table light 1AY
vitra | akari table light 1N
vitra | akari table light 9A
vitra | eames house bird | black
vitra | eames house bird | walnut
vitra | george nelson ball clock | black + brass
vitra | george nelson ball clock | cherry
vitra | george nelson ball clock | multi
vitra | george nelson ball clock | natural
vitra | george nelson sunflower clock | birch
vitra | loiseau bird | charcoal matt
vitra | loiseau bird | ivy green gloss
vitra | loiseau bird | mossy grey gloss
vitra | loiseau bird | natural maple wood
vitra | toolbox RE recycled | basic dark
vitra | toolbox RE recycled | mint green
vitra | toolbox RE recycled | moss grey
vitra | toolbox RE recycled | pale rose
vitra | toolbox RE recycled | sea blue
vitra | toolbox RE recycled | white
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